Delaney Educational Enterprises, Inc.

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Delaney recognizes that technology now plays an important role in education and is probably the fastest growing area within your school.
It is also the area that generates the most confusion about what to get, how it works, and how it integrates with your electronic infrastructure. This is why developing a relationship with the Delaney representative in your area really makes sense – to help you answer the questions, and support you with the best tech educational products available.

Delaney reps are trained to know the right questions to ask about your school and will find the answers so you can focus on the students. Take a look at some of the areas in the tabs below that we are now supporting. Your favorite book company can now fulfill so many of your technology needs as well.
Here’s to the future!

Delaney Digital Library
Ebooks are growing in use exponentially. From interactive ebooks with voice, highlighted words and sounds to simple flip page pdf’s for tablets – Delaney offers it all!

The GoReader is a portable MP3 audio device that connects the listener to their favorite books. Go Reader's cutting-edge audio technology is simple, dynamic and ready to use the moment it arrives at your school library.

A well-balanced classroom spreads things out across different styles, and using short movies and lectures reaches out to those with a more visual outlook.