6-12 Government Studies Bundle

Use this bundle to support a healthy knowledge of America's foundational documents and principles, as well as a variety of government systems.

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6-12 Government Studies Bundle (34 titles)
Bill of Rights:Defining Our Freedoms 7.8
Bush v. Gore: The Florida Recounts of the 2000 Presidential Election
Children's Rights 8.2
Civil Rights Movement 7.6
Dred Scott v. Sandford: Slavery and Freedom before the American Civil War
Eighth Amendment: The Right to Mercy 7.6
Fifth Amendment: The Right to Fairness 7.4
Fight for Women's Suffrage 8.9
First Amendment: The Right of Expression 7.4
Fourth Amendment: The Right to Privacy 7.5
Health Care Reform 9.6
How Amendments are Adopted 7.9
Indigenous Peoples' Rights
Korematsu v. the United States: World War II Japanese-American Internment Camps
Media Censorship 8.4
Miranda v. Arizona: An Individual's Rights When under Arrest
Ninth & Tenth Amendments: The Right to More Rights 7.0
Plessy v. Ferguson: Segregation and the Separate but Equal Policy
Racial Profiling 9.4
Roe v. Wade: Abortion and a Woman's Right to Privacy
Second and Third Amendments: The Right to Security 7.7
Seventh Amendment: The Right to a Trial by Jury 7.5
Sixth Amendment: The Right to a Fair Trial 8.1
The United States v. Nixon: The Watergate Scandal and Limits to US Presidential Power
Tinker v. Des Moines: The Right to Protest in Schools
U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights 7.7
Interest Level Grade 5 - Grade 12
Reading Level Grade 8
Dewey 305.23086-363.2
Lexile 1000-1300
ATOS Reading Level 7.0-9.6
Guided Reading Level W-Y
Language English
Format Library bound
ISBN 9781624030512
Copyright 2014
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