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Prices and Discounts

All of our products are sold at the lowest published price. In many cases, this reflects a 25-30% discount off of the list price. Your price will always be the S/L price (school/library). This discount will be reflected on your wish lists, quotes, and orders prior to submitting them via your shopping cart.

We currently have Public Library Contract pricing in effect in the states of Louisiana and New York. Additionally, we have public school contract pricing in Santa Rosa County, Florida. Please contact our office, or your local Rep for your “coupon codes” to use at check-out.

We offer FREE UPS ground shipping on all orders over $100.00

Please check with your local sales Rep, or our main office to see what other discounts may be applicable to your order.

All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice, as we receive publisher price changes sporadically throughout the year.

All prices on quotes are good for 30-days from date of quote.

Sales tax will be added to all CA orders. We do not accept re-seller orders.