Delaney Educational Enterprises, Inc.

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Once you join Delaney you will be assigned to a geographic zone headed by one of our dedicated Zone Managers. As with starting anything new you’ll find there’s a lot to learn about the products you’ll be selling and the territory you’ll be cultivating. However, Delaney has created a strong and versatile foundation of training designed to ensure your success. Zone Managers and the corporate office will help guide you through the “learning curve” during your freshman year, and offer a source of counsel and support throughout your career.

It has been rightly observed that “it takes 1 year to cycle through Delaney’s business.” With the guidance of your Zone Manager you will spend much of that key freshman year learning our publishers’ products and building your client base. It is when repetitive business begins in your sophomore and junior years of your career, that you’ll truly reap the rewards of all your hard work. While it can take some time to build your territory, your success will be assured through the following resources and support networks:

  • Regional Training Workshops - Dee provides initial training workshops for new reps in various cities across the United States. This workshop is designed to introduce you to the business and set the stage for success. It includes topics such as; products and services provided by Delaney, who are the various buyers within a school, how their needs differ, and school funding-who holds the purse strings?

  • Local On-Site Training - Within 2 weeks of completion of the training workshop, Dee provides a dedicated sales trainer for 1 day of field training in your territory. Based on your desire to succeed and your performance, Delaney will make additional training available to you.

  • Regional and National Meetings and Conferences - Delaney hosts periodic 1 to 2 day regional booster meetings two to three times each year, as well as an annual 3 to 4 day national conference, where Sales Representatives gather to discuss successes, struggles, and strategies and hear exciting news about market trends. Conference locations vary depending on the market.

  • Self-study - New Sales Representatives should make a point of reading the company sales manual from cover-to-cover. It contains many "golden nuggets" of information, much of which has been compiled from the experiences of our best-producing Representatives. The manual will guide you in learning how to study your market, get to know your K-12 community, and understand how they purchase books.

  • Zone Managers - Delaney has regional Zone Managers throughout the US who are there to provide you with "local" support and training.

  • Ongoing Sales Support - Delaney provides ongoing support and education opportunities by attending periodic local-area Zone meetings, as well as through telephone, e-mail, and networking with fellow Sales Representatives.

Delaney’s standard offer for new reps invited to attend a Delaney Workshop:
  • Delaney will pay for your hotel stay and all organized group meals. Rooms are offered as double-occupancy. Incidentals to be paid by attendee. If you would like a private room or require a smoking room please let us know in advance. Delaney will provide the attendee with a private room; however, based on our double occupancy policy, attendee will be charged for ½ of the cost of the room plus taxes. Delaney will provide the attendee with a smoking room; however, based on our double occupancy policy, if we are unable to find a roommate for you in the smoking room, attendee will be charged for ½ of the cost of the room plus taxes..

  • When a new rep sells $10,000 in net sales within 120 days of signing their Independent Rep Agreement, Delaney will issue $250 to reimburse for their travel expenses for attending the workshop and an additional $250 travel dollars to be used for the Delaney Annual Conference held in San Diego at the beginning of January (the $250 travel dollars will be kept in the Delaney travel bank and will be reimbursed when travel expenses are incurred for the Annual Conference).

  • Where air travel is required, Delaney will pay 1/2 of airfare. The attendee is to make his/her own reservation if airfare is less than $300. Once you have made your reservation, please send the paid ticket/itinerary to Delaney (Fax: 800-660-2199) for reimbursement for 1/2. If your ticket is more than $300 for the approved dates of travel, please contact Delaney Sales and Marketing. We will explore other travel options, such as free Rapid Reward travel, existing airline credits, different days for travel, etc. to help reduce your travel cost.

  • Send resume and cover letter to