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Turtleback Library Bound

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Turtleback Books

Unsurpassed Quality

The primary reason library-bound books exist is to significantly extend the life of the book, resulting in dramatic cost savings over time. Turtleback Books® are high quality and stand up to the heavy use associated with libraries and classrooms. The Vinabind® trademark dates back to 1962 and utilize the finest materials and processes in the industry.

Original Cover Art

All books feature scanned artwork from the original cover, enhanced to fit the new binding. Covers are printed on a durable paper stock and laminated with a polyester film that wipes clean easily. The laminated covers score remarkably high on abrasion resistance tests, meaning that the corners of our books won’t wear through quickly.

Quality Binding

Depending on thickness, books are sewn or adhesive notch-bound and we use a 100% cotton spine lining for added strength and durability. The double-fan adhesive binding uses a PVA glue that is both durable and flexible. Turtleback bound books exceed the Library Binding Institute’s standards for page-pull testing. All bound books are made with high quality, acid-free paper.

Durable Spines

Turtleback uses durable spine board that exceeds the Library Binding Institute standards and, for added strength, real board is used in the spine in our unique, hand-assembled three-piece spine board configuration.

Lifetime Guarantee

Turtleback bound products are guaranteed for workmanship and quality of materials for the life of the book. If at any time a book does not meet your expectation of quality, it will be replaced free of charge.