"My name is Michael and I have been an elementary school Librarian for 3 years now.  When I took over this Library, I didn't know much about the position or the tasks I would be expected to do.  I also didn't know much about budgets or buying new books for my library.  The previous Librarian had left me a note with three potential book sellers that she preferred.
The first one I met was Ms. Juliee from Delaney.  She was more than helpful in every way.  She was patient, she was kind, and I feel like she took quite a bit of my initial anxiety with buying books away.  From that first meeting to now, I feel I have grown into a pretty good Librarian and I feel very confident in my job.  One thing that hasn't changed from that first meeting though is that Ms. Juliee is still kind and still patient with me.  I also have learned that Delaney has the best selection and best service.   I have tried other vendors and, while they are all good at their jobs, they do not match up to the personal service I get from Ms. Juliee and Delaney.
I don't know how long I will be a Librarian but I know as long as I am, the majority of my business will be with Ms. Juliee and Delaney.
I would recommend Delaney to any Librarian."
—Michael Pettiette, District Librarian, Quitman Elementary School

Delaney Spanish Language Catalog

Delaney has embarked on a project to produce a comprehensive catalog of Spanish langue title offerings for both the classroom and the library. Titles and collections range from early literacy, to classroom libraries, to special interest areas, to top quality nonfiction and fiction books for the library for grades K-12.
Be sure to ask your Delaney Consultant about our wide range of Spanish language offerings.

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