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February 15, 2012

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Common Core State Standards

Delaney is pleased to present the CCSS in an easy to understand, easy to use order form.

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Little Book of Answers from Black Rabbit

A standards-based, nonfiction guided reading program

Built with the literacy authority of the staff at Three Crows Media, this comprehensive learning program has progressive reading levels, which increase in word count and difficulty to nurture the growing mind. The Little Book of Answers promises success for many students: beginning readers, reluctant readers, English language learners, and even proficient readers.

Each book supports your students on their journey to independent reading by starting with a Vital Vocabulary list of words at the front of the book. These words are reinforced throughout the book in the text, captions, and labels.

The Critical Thinking pages encourage students to use the information they learned in the text to think further and research to learn more.

Charts, graphs, time lines, diagrams, maps, and concept webs on the Visual Literacy page give students a chance to see the information from the text in a graphical format.

Download free teacher support material for each book. Each file includes instruction help, scope and sequence, and vocabulary tools as well as two black line reproducibles to aid in student learning and assessment.

Red Rocket Readers in Spanish!


Launching April 2012, our 16 new Spanish Red Rocket Readers have been skilfully adapted by experienced translator, ELL and early reading specialist, Annette Torres Elias.

Careful adaptation of the original English text is designed to support the children through the use of controlled natural language supported by high impact photographs and bright, entertaining illustrations. Red Rocket Spanish editions are ideal for both Spanish-speaking ELL students and young readers first exploring Spanish.

Learn more about all products available from Red Rocket Readers.

Bearport’s Web-Hosted eBooks

Great for Kids, Easy for Librarians!
Our web-hosted eBooks are the same beautiful books you’ve come to expect from Bearport Publishing, now available online 24/7 with multi-user access.

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GenMov Continues to Make Waves

People love the new GenMov products which deliver innovative health and movement programming, equipment and professional services, changing the way students and instructors approach education and moving generations to better health.

Check out our feature in the last newsletter to learn more about GenMov products