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500 - Science


3-D Shapes

This informative series identifies and illustrates 3-D shapes in a creative and fun format. Each book incorporates realistic, diverse photographs and examples of 3-D shapes that young readers… More →

A Closer Look at…

This engrossing series explores biomes by presenting them through lush illustrations and photography that incorporate cross-sections, cutaway-views, and magnifications. These images are… More →


Adventure Outdoors

The Adventure Outdoors series explains exhilarating outdoor sports involving water, rocks, mountain biking, and more. The informative and visually stimulating books explain equipment needed… More →


African Animals

Dash with the cheetah and graze with the zebra! This vibrant series invites readers to travel to the continent of Africa and meet its most fascinating animals. Bold colors, easy-to-read text… More →


Amazing Reptiles

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be cold-blooded and creepy-crawly? The animal kingdom is full of incredible reptiles. Get to know some of them with Amazing Reptiles. Learn more about… More →


Animal Colors

The scarlet ibis is red because of the shrimp it eats. The praying mantis uses green to hide in the leaves. Animal Colors will help readers understand that colors in nature are not just for… More →


Animal Friends

This series will teach young readers about kindness and how to treat others through some of their favorite animals. Each title introduces the animal, where it lives, what it looks like, and… More →


Animal Groups

This educational series explores the various habitats and behavior of animals that live together. Large, fascinating photos take children on a journey around the globe to learn about animal… More →