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Early Childhood Education with Delaney

Child development research shows that quality, Early Childhood Education must include nurturing care and enriched learning experiences designed to stimulate a child’s cognitive, physical and social & emotional development.
Delaney's Recommended Titles: 2015
    • 2015 Preschool Classroom Library (Early Childhood)

    • 2015 Early Childhood Social and Emotional Titles

    • 2015- Early Childhood “First Time” Events

    • Early Childhood Classic Big Books

    • Early Childhood Puppets/Books

    • Early Childhood Manipulatives

    • Early Childhood Board Book Favorites

    • Best Early Childhood Books

    • Best Early Childhood Fiction

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Promoting Positive Outcomes in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children 3–5 Years Old The Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework provides Head Start and other early childhood programs with a description of the developmental building blocks that are most important for a child’s school and long-term success.

11 Domains represent the overarching areas of child development and early learning essential for school and long-term success.
    • Early Childhood Literacy Materials

          • Physical Development & Health
          • Social & Emotional Development
          • Approaches to learning
          • Language Development
          • Literacy knowledge & Skills
          • Mathematics knowledge & Skills
          • Science knowledge & Skills
          • Creative Arts Expression
          • Logic & Reasoning
          • Social Studies knowledge & Skills
          • English language Development