Delaney Educational Enterprises, Inc.

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What Delaney will provide . . .

There is no fee to receive the materials and information you need to begin selling. Delaney will send you 40 or more publishers’ catalogs and samples, as well as a comprehensive company manual for review and ongoing reference. We will also issue you a login and password into our website so you can begin building orders immediately.

Delaney will provide you with detailed school information for your assigned territory, including school and district names, contact names and numbers, market potential indicators, and other useful data.

Finally, Delaney provides professional training in both a workshop and a 1-on-1 environment in your territory. At the workshop, all land fees are paid by Delaney (room and food). 2 weeks following the workshop, Delaney sends a trainer to your territory.

What you are responsible for . . .

As a new Delaney Representative, serious about getting involved in this opportunity, you are responsible for your own expenses to get to the first training workshop. *After leaving the workshop, there are sales bonuses available. For instance, when a new rep sells $10,000 in net sales within 120 days of signing their Independent Rep Agreement, Delaney will issue $250 to reimburse for their travel expenses for attending the workshop.

As an independent contractor, you will also be responsible for setting up your own Delaney-compatible home office that includes a computer/laptop, printer, and they ability to store book samples and other supplies.

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