Delaney Educational Enterprises, Inc.

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Rep Testimonials

  • As a former educator in North Carolina, I have been involved in classroom teaching, textbook sales, library sales and classroom sales. By far, Delaney Educational is my favorite company in the field of education! The focus on customer service is astounding.

    We are trained, from the first day, to take care of our customers and provide the BEST solutions for their students. Throughout my educational experience, I have noticed that there is not one single solution for all libraries and/or all classrooms. Because Delaney works with such a tremendous number of companies, we are able to provide custom solutions for each individual customer. We work with customers from start to finish, to make sure all needs are served and our customers are extremely happy. Our rep force is a close-knit family and we strongly support the success of one another. This camaraderie trickles down to the teachers, students and schools in our country.

    I am proud to work for the Delaney family. I am proud to represent a company that places family first. By working very hard, I am now a National Product Specialist for Early Childhood Education and a Zone manager for North Carolina and South Carolina. Hard work is rewarded with Delaney Educational. What an incredibly well-run company with amazing rep support!

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  • I previously worked for a Children’s Publisher and Delaney Educational was one of the clients that I managed. Every time I saw or spoke to a Delaney representative, they were always so happy in their job, loved the flexibility of working from home, setting your own schedule, and building your own business. I began working with Delaney Educational in March of 2011 and I have to say that in the course of my career and because of all of those same reasons, it is the best job I have ever had. I love being able to have a successful career and still be home to raise my daughter’s.

    I am diligent about working every single day and by listening to the customer’s needs, following up when they ask me to, paying attention to detail, staying organized, and having the top materials from the top Publishers to offer, it guarantees success. It is very gratifying to see how happy the Administration, Teachers, and Students are when they receive the Delaney materials and begin using them. The best part of my job is that with over 150 Publishers to choose from, I can service all areas of a school.

    The home office is so supportive and provides us with everything we need to be successful. This includes marketing tools, product and sales training, an easy to use database, sales bonuses and incentives, company -wide meetings, and presentations from the Publishers about new releases. I also happen to work with the nicest and most supportive sales team in the industry. As a Delaney Rep, we are provided all of the tools we need to spell a recipe for success!

    Gina Sanchez, Literacy & Curriculum Resource Consultant,
    Peachtree City, GA
  • Joining Delaney Educational as an independent sales rep after being out of the workforce for many years was the perfect transition between family life and employment. The flexible hours and ability to work from home provided the opportunity to meet my family's needs while earning supplementary income. I am able to set my own schedule, working as much as I would like and at times which are convenient to me. Over the past four years my commitment to building strong customer relationships has awarded me the ability to financially support my family solely by way of my Delaney income.

    Delaney’s dedication to their reps’ success through training, resources and collaboration allows unlimited opportunity for earnings as well as potential to advance into state and zone management positions. The work can be challenging at first, but there is great satisfaction in helping customers attain their educational goals through products and services offered by Delaney.

    Sonya Frye, Director of Curriculum,
    Gulf Breeze, FL
  • I joined Delaney in March of 2007 after successfully selling in a corporate environment for over 10 years. I needed a balance between flexibility to be there for my busy family and having a rewarding career. I have found that balance with Delaney Educational.

    I invite you to become a part of the Delaney Educational family. You’ll find the home office and field support is exceptional, with everyone pulling together to make you a success in your territory. Enjoy job satisfaction with freedom – an unbeatable combination.

    Laura Brawley, Zone Manager and Product Specialist,
    Midlothian, VA
    Laura Brawley
  • I have been a Delaney rep for over 10 years and the opportunities for me in educational sales continue to grow each year. It is amazing that I can wake up each day with the ability to be the sales rep for one or many of the more than 100 outstanding industry leading publishers. Imagine interviewing for an opening at any one of these companies and the competition you would have in each. With Delaney you get to choose who YOU want to represent. Where else is that possible in today’s job market.

    Delaney continues to grow and its support for their reps in technology and territory management is outstanding. If technology is “over your head” then you can simply sell books through catalogs and with excellent customer service - which is the main ingredient in the successful reps for Delaney anyways.

    As for compensation, you really do choose how much you will make by knowing your products and the efforts you make in your territories. This year, on top of a very good commission structure, I have received cash bonuses at realistic selling points, an ipad, and will be leaving for a company paid trip to the Bahamas this Sunday.

    Chris Monson, Product Specialist,
    Murrieta, CA
  • I have been working for Delaney Educational Enterprises for 14 years and I have made many friends both in the company and in the field.

    Many of my customers have been purchasing from me for the whole time and each year I get to add new customers and to introduce them to Delaney. I especially like that I work with many different types of buyers including Librarians, Principals, Reading Specialists, Bilingual Coordinators and other amazing people who care about education our kids. Every day is different so I never get bored!

    This job offers me the resources and freedom to feed my love of travel and to allow me to spend quality time with my grandsons.

    Sheryl Baker, Zone Manager and Product Specialist,
    Dripping Springs, TX
    Sheryl Baker
  • When I saw the Delaney recruiting ad for the first time I knew I was very interested in the company. Having been an entrepreneur all my life, I could read the gentle whiff of an entrepreneur at work from the carefully chosen language in that ad! Being interviewed by the zone manager reinforced that comfort for me. Getting to meet and receive some of my initial training from the owner of the company confirmed my very first impression. The intensity and demand for detail accuracy and customer satisfaction is the life line of the dynamics that drives this company’s success. Recently adding research based decision making solutions for the buying educator really rounds out the “Delaney Advantage”. The “requisition ready”, on site “personal service” is a unique and effective way to serve the public school’s needs today. I am happy to be a small part of a growing company on the move....

    Perry Turnbull, Delaney Sales Representative,
    Little Rock, AR
    Perry Turnbull
  • I have been with DEE for 8 years, and have been in direct sales almost all of my life. The last 14 years have involved getting people excited about reading and providing the best resources to facilitate that. I love working with the librarians, literacy coaches and principals and whoever they might send me to. I love the flexibility and the great friends I have made over the years both in the schools and among the DEE reps.

    I have been a part of a wonderful growing and dynamic company that truly cares about customer service, quality, and being the best at what we do. They always go the ‘extra mile’ and outperform many of our competitors with the excellent customer care. My librarians especially appreciate that we know our products and they can take a short amount of time and knock off a huge job, picking out books, because once they have seen and chosen, we do the rest. Our reputation is truly great and growing!

    Dian Prasko, Delaney Sales Representative,
    Colony, KS
    Dian Prasko
  • I joined Delaney in early 1997 on a very part time basis. I had a tutoring service and also worked for another educational sales company. I found my education background to be a perfect fit with DEE. I was able to use my teaching and sales skills to develop a business that would provide me with an excellent income.

    I enjoy commission sales because I can control the amount of money I make. Flexibility and variety are also very important to me. Each day is a new adventure meeting other professionals and making friends at the various school sites. Everyone appreciates the service DEE provides through its dedicated sales reps.

    The Home Office staff is very supportive. They respond quickly to requests from the field. They work hard to plan our Regional and National Sales meetings. These provide wonderful opportunities for training and sharing successful selling tips. The integrity of both the sales and support team is impeccable. I am proud to work for such an outstanding company.

    Linda Sweeney, Zone Manager,
    San Ramon, CA
    Linda Sweeney
  • I have a Masters of Science Degree from Texas A&M Commerce University in Educational Media and Technology. After retiring as a school librarian, I found Delaney Educational through a newspaper add in 2002. Working for Delaney has allowed me the perfect opportunity to use my background as a librarian to sell to schools and public libraries. I love working for Delaney, and the opportunities it has given me to meet new people and establish relationships with my clients.

    Anna Davis, Delaney Sales Representative,
    Paris, TX
    Anna Davis
  • I count myself very lucky. Your company offers alot of support which is great and I feel I still have the flexibility that I'm used to. I love it!! I'm glad I'm in and plan to do my best at building the Delaney name here in Arkansas!

    Sherrie Torgerson, State Manager,
    Dardanelle, AR
    Sherrie Torgeson
  • I joined Delaney way back in the beginning! This job has afforded me the flexibility to work my own hours and build a business that suits my life style. Plus, I have built wonderful relationships with Teachers, Librarians, Principals, Vice Principals, Literacy Coaches, Title 1 people and more. I couldn't have a better job! It's like working with your best friends.

    Susie Cox, Delaney Sales Representative,
    Laguna Beach, CA
    Susie Cox